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    Gears: Drive & Driven

    Gear drives are packaged units used for a wide range of power-transmission applications.

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    Wheel Bearing Spindle

    Wheel Bearing Spindle is a machine element that constrains relative motion between moving parts

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    Spindles are standard equipment for leading ring spinning machine manufacturers all over the world

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    Companion Flange

    Companion Flange allows connection of a flange yoke to another type of connection, for proper torque transfer.

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    Essae caters to various kinds of shafts which are used in Automotive, Farm Equipment’s & Hydraulic Equipment’s. These shafts are normally cold forged or warm forged & machined.

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    Internal Spline Shafts

    Internal Spline Shafts are ridges or teeths on a drive shaft that mesh with grooves in a mating piece and transfer torque to it

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    Toner Ring for ABS

    As part of the ABS system, the ABS Sensor Toner Ring helps ensure proper steering while braking.

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    Ring Gear / Starter Clutch

    The starter drive clutch transmits torque from an electrical motor to a ring gear mounted on a cranking shaft in an engine

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    Lock Nuts

    Lock nuts are used to locate bearings onto a shaft.

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    Pulleys are used alone or in sequence to transmit energy and motion.

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    When choosing the right power transmission component, always keep in mind the fundamental part like a sprocket. We offer a variety of sprockets design envelopes and avoid the need for customised parts.

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    Splined Hubs for Clutch Application

    Spline shaft hubs are applied in a variety of diameters and lengths, types of grooves or teeth, and materials for the clutch application.

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    Aluminium Forging Parts

    We manufacture and supply aluminium forging parts made on high-speed hydraulic presses up to 400 tons in capacity which can produce Aluminium fittings and components up to a kilogram.

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    Machining & Assembly

    Essae Gears & Transmission not only manufacture hardware products but also assist you with machining and assembly of machinery.

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